Centre for Cultural Partnerships

The Centre for Cultural Partnerships is a cross-disciplinary space for learning, collaboration and research in community and social arts practice within the University of Melbourne.  Navigate the diverse work from many researchers, students and artists of the CCP:

Moving to Melbourne in 2016, I am pursuing my Master of Arts and Community Practice with the University of Melbourne: Victorian College of the Arts through the Centre for Cultural Partnerships.  Our class are made up of a diverse group of practitioners from various artistic and personal backgrounds.  Each of us will be pursuing our own practice and research individually and as a group.

During my time with the University, I aspire to continue my involvement with student organizations, paying it forward through mentorship and community engagement that empowers kids to pursue their endeavors, creative, educational or otherwise.  I enjoy meeting and cooperating with diverse groups of people, and I look forward to connecting with many people while at the University.