I am a multimedia specialist, artist and researcher…

living in Melbourne where I work as an independent contractor in film, video and multimedia. I am a candidate for my Masters of Arts and Community Practice with the University of Melbourne: Victorian College of the Arts and come from a background in film, television, animation and technology.

I worked for Nickelodeon Animation Studio for 8-years in Los Angeles where I started in post production, visual effects, then help start our Digital Operations department, developing studio systems as an engineer.  My work incorporated creative tools, asset management, data visualization and production workflow together developing new interfaces and ways to engage with assets and content.  I opened an internship program inside our department, and partnered with my interns to create studio-wide engagements through screenings and gameshow-style events.  Through this development into the internship program, we helped define new ways to engage students with industry in approachable ways.  Our production teams partnered together to create “Let’s Draw”, engaging Nickelodeon artists in K1-5 students at a local elementary school.

While in California, I was involved with the SIGGRAPH conference in various roles, specifically in helping launch the 2007 Computer Animation Festival in Los Angeles.  My work with SIGGRAPH focused on the evolution of computer graphics into a storytelling platform from the 1970s through 2008, curating a collection of videos from the SIGGRAPH archives for the conference in partnership with long time contributors to the conference.  I developed an interest in human-computer interaction and through this research, enjoyed seeing the evolution of computer graphics into a storytelling platform.

I grew up in the Northeast United States, living in Maine, Rhode Island, Arizona and California. I’m glad to be calling Victoria my new home.


Research in Melbourne

I am a candidate for my Masters of Arts and Community Practice with the Victorian College of the Arts within the Centre for Cultural Partnerships.  Through my program, I’m interested in learning more about the cultural context in which storytelling is being told and how co-creative media can help define new methods to engage with the communities they serve.  How do we capture the context of a story told from another culture without loosing its meaning in translation or extrapolation?  The numerous tools that are opening up new methods to interface with creative tools, as demonstrated through SIGGRAPH and other conferences, might help us reimagine how participants and storytellers can engage with one-another.

Contract Work

I partner with businesses and organizations on various projects in film, photography, animation, technology and socially-engaged projects.  I welcome you to contact me to partner on a project or to make a connection.

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